Scent control while turkey hunting????

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  1. Just got to thinking about this after we had 5 deer walk 10-20 yards of us and then being spooked were guessing by our scent. I know alot of people focus on scent control and there's several products out there for it during deer season but you don't hear alot of people talk about it during turkey season. I know it's not as important for the turkey's in general, but in the case if you have some deer walk in on you while your working a big tom and the deer spooks and then scares off the turkey as well you s.o.l. This is almost what happened to us this yesterday and might of contributed a little to why the tom just didn't committ to our li corner of the field.

    Oh well, just ramblin' and givin' us all something to think about because I know I've been thinkin' about it.
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    Sunday we had two does that came in. They were looking at the decoys(they did not like them) till they got wind of us and then they were outta there!

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    I've had deer in the same fields as turkey before. The deer would catch my stink, snort, and run off. The turkeys would react by running/jumping about ten feet, stand at attention for a few seconds, then go right back to what they were doing.
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    "Scent control while turkey hunting????"

    Why Yes!! I do not let my hunting partner eat beans the night before turkey hunting.:bangin:

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    well jack beans are fine but make sure to bring along the beano. THERE WILL BEANO GAS
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    OR...........A BIG CORK!! :eek:
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    Those turkeys might respond to that call!:fart:
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    :rotfl: We may be onto somethin'. I can see it now...

    "New for 2007. The Primos Butt Gobble Call"