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Same deer

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had camera out week before Labor Day. 3 nights an days in a row had pictures of a 8 and a 10. I moved the camera about 5/8th of mile with several fields n woods in between an over the weekend got pictures of an 8 and 10. Same or different?
I will post the 10’s together then the 8’s. Pictures not the best sine my card reader has failed
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no on the 8, the left brow gives it away
Dafish, what caliber of buck are you holding out for this season? I know you have killed some WHOPPERS, just curious and good luck!
Pretty grainy, but both look different to me.
Eights are different. Leaning towards the tens being different too. Post better ten pics when you can.
I moved the camera again, but did not bring another card, so the pictures are still in the camera, Ordered a new sd reader, old one would not work in either of out I-phones.

Sometimes I get tired of holding out for a certain size deer. We will see...
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