Rules for the blood trailing forum

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    Jun 21, 2008

    Here are some rules for this forum....specific to this forum actually. This is an EDUCATIONAL forum first and a help you find your deer forum second.

    --If you have criticism for someone or need to point out an error in an attempt to educate someone or help them find their deer please remember to do so nicely and explain yourself clearly and thoroughly.
    --Do NOT complain or whine if someone tells you that you made a mistake in your attempt to find a wounded deer. Remember that the intent is to help even if that includes telling you that a mistake was open to learning and be open to constructive criticism. If you complain or get mad and become disrespectful or unfriendly you will be removed from the blood tracking forum.
    --try to make any pictures of wounds or dissections as tasteful as possible. Please show respect to the animal by not simply highlighting gore. Realize that these types of pictures WILL show some blood and gore but for the purpose of education or description NOT for the purpose of degrading the animal or bragging.
    --Keep threads in the blood tracking forum on topic and for the intended purpose. Keep them serious and refrain from off topic banter and from making fun of others. Recovery of shot game is serious and should be treated with respect both for the hunter and the animal.