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Rotary brush hog vs flail mower

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I want to buy a bigger shredder, leaning towards a flail mower. Reasons:I think I can run a bigger mower with less hp than a rotary, it won't decapitate someone due to thrown objects, it handles the 2-3" material I'd need, it's price competitive.
Other pros, cons?
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Pro - doesn't windrow cuttings like a rotary - very nice feature!
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Anyone have suggestions of brands to look at?
I tend to use my rotary to mow CRP and other places where sapplings are an issue, don't think it would work well for that.
I've been reading a lot tonight on the comparison. It says the flail mowers do well up to 2" or 3" material depending on brand, duty rating. I don't see many advertised for sale compared to rotary so was wondering what experience people here had on them.
Everything I read is positive for using them in keeping crp clean, which is one of my main tasks these days. And, the way they work, I wouldn't have the tire spikes in the fields like when I run thru and mow them with a rotary cutter. definitely leaning towards one at this point.
I have never run a flail mower. A neighbor had a rank crp field done last year. It took it to the dirt. I don't know if that's what they were after or not. I wonder why they lost popularity years ago . I'm anxious to see what your queries uncover and see what you decide.
I'll post up what I find out.
Right now, they say initial cost is the biggest negative. But, I've found some medium duty in that are less expensive for the same rotary cutter. You also have more maintenance such as selling the oil filter and greasing then every couple times of use.
The blades are also an expense every couple years if you have a lot of rocks.
Some recommend finding one on the state auctions they used on highway mowing jobs. More to come.
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