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Rocky Mountain "Ivory" and Iron

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Rocky Mountain \"Ivory\" and Iron

I haven't attached a knife lately! I've been busy!
Here's a new one.
I had an elk tine that was sun bleached on one side, so I removed the entire exterior to expose the "ivory" inside!
Guard and butt cap are forged from 1903 wrought iron.
Blued pommel nut.
My traditional take-down construction.
Blade fully forged from 1" square 5160 and heat treated by the method I learned from Ed Fowler at Willow Bow.
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hey can you put a gut hook on one of those knives
It's just a personal opinion, but one I share with a lot of other makers, whoever came up with the gut hook idea ought to be, well, never mind.
I don't do gut hooks and never will.
now I'm really curious.....whats the disadvantage to them?
My experience with guthooks is that the guthook cuts too much hair away from the hide, getting more hair on the meat...using the regular blade of the knife, cutting from the inside of the hide out, you cut alot less hair loose....I'll show ya sometime...!!!
They make a knife awkward.
Ever get one caught in your sheath? You know what'll happen then!
They are difficult to sharpen and keep sharp. If you want one, just get one of those Knives of Alaska Hook-things.
Sometime you might need your knife to work only as a knife and that gut hook can hinder what you want to accomplish. You might get your knife stuck into something and not be able to get it back out!
I like the guthook thingy..

I do my business around the groin and if you use the guthook from the top down, with the grain of the hair, you get a lot less hair flying around like fireman suggests.

Course, we used to get along just fine before the guthooks eh?
I usually try to take somebody huntin' with me that likes to dress deer!
Then I don't have to worry what they use!
killer=gutter.......house rules, now a friend can help if they choose, which I usually do.

So kbaknife whats a knife in your aviater run $$$
Nice site

Great website.

kbaknife- Was your father able to see any of the knives you have created?

He only got to see a few. He was very proud.
I think I gave him #003. It is now owned by my Step-Mother, and that is fine with me.
The knife in the avatar when to a City Cop in Tuscon for $350.00. He is an elk hunter and wanted one he could depend on.
Worth every penny, I'm sure!!! By the way, I like the Chief Joseph quote....Makes me stop and think how those warriors must have felt, runnin out of buffalo, having to move to a reservation. Good quote!!!
21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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