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Rocky Mountain "Ivory" and Iron

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Rocky Mountain \"Ivory\" and Iron

I haven't attached a knife lately! I've been busy!
Here's a new one.
I had an elk tine that was sun bleached on one side, so I removed the entire exterior to expose the "ivory" inside!
Guard and butt cap are forged from 1903 wrought iron.
Blued pommel nut.
My traditional take-down construction.
Blade fully forged from 1" square 5160 and heat treated by the method I learned from Ed Fowler at Willow Bow.
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Actually there is a for sale forum here and I for one sir know there are those of us who do sale items on there. You are talented, let us benefit from it!
BTW, sure is nice to see your pics!
Prices, you don't need no stnkn prices! You know what they say; If you have to ask, well then! Good morning Mr. Rat!

Pricing is on his web site.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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