River Floats

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    Current, Jacks Fork
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    Which ever river you pick just make sure you get a real good weather radio and a way to keep it charged. Alot of those rivers can rise in an instant even if you didn't have rain in your general area but it came a big one up stream. There is a guy we always run into on the gasconade every year that puts in at the start of the river and floats all the way down to the Missouri. It takes him 4 months to do I believe but he traps and fishes along the way and will stay camped in a spot for 4-5 days at a time. He's crazy through. Last time I saw him he was yelling at Eric Church cause he thought he was hiding up on the bluff spying on him. He has had close calls with floods and lost everything he owns multiple times barely escaping with his life. Just saying those rivers can get real serious at times.

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    Sounds like a real interesting dude lol. Perhaps too interesting.
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