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Rifle for my wife?

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I am trying to get my wife into whitetail hunting and am looking on buying a new rifle. I am leaning heavely on a weatherby vanguard compact in 7mm-08. Does anyone own one of these or have any comments on the 7mm-08?
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My Girlfriends Mom shoots a Browning Micro A Bolt in a 308. Mom is a small woman and she does very well with it. When mom doesnt hunt the girlfriend uses it and the men try to get to use it.. I think its the fav at deer camp.
I'd seriously consider the ABolt ..they make it in a 25-06 too which I think might be a better Caliber for such a purpose

Go to the Browning A Bolt Micro..look at one & hold it...if you can put it down

your a strong man
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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