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Rifle for my wife?

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I am trying to get my wife into whitetail hunting and am looking on buying a new rifle. I am leaning heavely on a weatherby vanguard compact in 7mm-08. Does anyone own one of these or have any comments on the 7mm-08?
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I also have 2 young sons that will wind up using this gun if the wife does not take to hunting. One reason I like the weatherby compact, is because it comes with 2 stocks, one with a 12 1/2" reach and one with a 13 1/2" reach for a full sized hunter.
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Go to the Browning A Bolt Micro..look at one & hold it...if you can put it down

your a strong man
The Browning A-bolt Micro Hunter is also one I am considering beanpile. It is a sweet looking rifle too.
I thank you all for your input. I do not know why companies market products they do not make. I'm sure it all comes down to $$$. Even though the Vanguard series are made by Howa, they are made to Weatherby specs and backed up by Weatherby. I have a Vanguard Synthetic 30-06, that is a tack driving machine. I payed $450 for it and could not be happier. I have also shot several deer with this gun and it does a tremendous job. I believe I have successfully harvested every animal I have ever taken a shot at with this gun. My point is, I have no doubt the Vanguards are quality rifles, especially for the price. The real overriding factor I like about the vangaurd compact is it has that extra stock to grow with the hunter.
Thanks for the input mo. I'm headed to the gun shop tommarrow and will give it another look.
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