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Rifle for my wife?

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I am trying to get my wife into whitetail hunting and am looking on buying a new rifle. I am leaning heavely on a weatherby vanguard compact in 7mm-08. Does anyone own one of these or have any comments on the 7mm-08?
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I've shot the Vanguard in 300 weatherby mag....and it shot great! I'm sure that compact model will shoot just as good. Pretty cool they give you both stocks. My lil sis shoots a 2506 in a Remington mountain rifle...she and my niece both love it...I like mine too!!!
Originally posted by callaojoe
Personally, I wish Weatherby would quit marketing the Vanguard as a Weatherby, cause it aint.....:bangin:

Aside from that, I would think the 7-08 would be a great cartridge for your wife's deer rifle...:sniper:
Who makes this gun, if not Weatherby?
I could be wrong, but I think....(I know, dangerous), about 10 yrs ago or so, Howa made all of Weatherby's barrels....not sure about now...maybe you know? I used to work for a company here in town that made "gun drills", we retooled a drill for Howa. Also made some for Remington, one was for the model 597, in .22 cal.
I would have to agree, they are not in the same class as the MKV...
That 300 Weatherby mag shot really well...brand new, out of the box, with Winchester Supremes, loaded with Barnes X's....shot less than an inch group at 100 yds. And the recoil was alot less than what I anticipated...lol. Killed my first elk with that setup. My buddies kid won that gun at a Whitetails Unlimited banquet....I believe it was worth the price of that raffle ticket!!!
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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