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Found out today I am inheriting a Remington 241 Speedmaster .22LR that was my Grandfathers. Any one familiar with these rifles? Would you use it or retire it to the gun safe due to it's sentimental value? A relative in Iowa has the gun and my parents tracked it down after 59 years!!!

Looking at the Remington Website this is what I found

Firearm Model History

Model 241 "Speedmaster"
Description: Autoloading Rifle
Introduction Year: 1935
Year Discontinued: 1949
Total Production: Approximately: 107,345
Designer/Inventor: John M. Browning
Action Type: Autoloader
Caliber/Gauge: .22 short or .22 long rifle
Serial Number Blocks: Starting: N/A
Ending: N/A
# of Grades Offered: N/A
Variations: 241SA (LA) Standard
241SC (LC) Special
241SD (LD) Peerless
241SE (LE) Expert
241SF (LF) Premier
241 Routlage (bored barrel - .22 LR shot cartridges)

Here are some pictures of one similar on gunbroker.

I found some manuals online for it but not much else. Parts look to be very scarce. I was told it's in good shape, will post pictures when I get it.

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It depends on the condition of the rifle. I have it's daddy:cheers:, the Model 24, same basic gun (and the same as Browning's take-down .22 autoloader). They made some minor changes to the 24 and called it the 241. Mine is a gallery gun, .22 Short ONLY, and was shot really hard in one of those shooting galleries it was named for. Parts are all but impossible to find nowadays, so don't shoot it too hard. I'd strictly avoid the Stingers and shells like them, it might be best to stick with standard velocity stuff, if it works well with them.

The 241 and my old 24 are hard to scope, no one makes mounts for them any more, and I don't want to alter mine so a Browning mount will fit it. Yours is probably the same way, so you'll have to use the iron sights. They usually shoot pretty good, at least when in good condition. Mine was made around 1921, and wasn't treated well by the previous owners:whinging:. Somewhere along the line, someone busted the original forearm, and replaced it with this squarish thing:cool3:..... that's why I mentioned that parts are hard to find, I've been looking for an original forearm for literally years and years..............


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