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Rem. Mohawk 600 .243

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I will ask $500 for it, Gunbroker starts off over a hundred higher. Have new Dies some bullets, primers n so on. Can take pic's of the lil carbine 18.5" semi bull barrel if someone has interest
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Sounds like a great little starter gun for kids....and yes photos would help. :D
I will get several taken this afternoon when it cools down in this cabin. Thank you
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glad my granddaughter doesn't get on here..she'd be saying "G-PA I WANT THIS!!!" lol
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No sir i am getting to the age my hunting interests no longer includes my rifles. I just hunt with my ML's & crossbows. Thank you kindly on inquiry
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Where u located
Just outside of Wset Plains Howell County
Great little .243. Brother has one that's killed truckloads of deer
Just abit west of West Plains in Howell County
Did you remove the vent rib?
No the 600 Mohawk did not have them. The 660 Mohawk had them
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