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Fifty-two years for me. I also started with a Kodiak Magnum. Couldn't hit squat! I always shot fingers, and that bow was so short that it really stacked on you.
There was a group of 6-7 of us that shot targets and hunted together. Loved getting together every weekend at hunting camp. I really miss those days. Only 3 of us left, but we don't hunt together anymore. Cherish the time with your hunting buddies time goes by fast.
Took a lot of deer over the years with a vertical bow had to go to crossbow in 2015 due to elbow issues. Miss the compound gonna give it another shot next year. Always shot 3 fingers under instinctive, so should come back to me pretty quick.
Deer hunting has been a big part of my life over the last 65 years. Hopefully, God willing, I have several more good years left.
Have a 19 month old grandson to teach in a few years. Granddaughters never had any interest.
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