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One thing i have not seen mentioned in all the above is setting your own rules for the property you own or hunt with your group. If someone kills a buck during bow season you don't get to shoot a buck during rifle season, MDC sets limits but you can have your own rules that are less than that on your own property with your own group. I did not kill a buck this year i let a couple 130-140 bucks pass and unknown 100-120 bucks go this year. I finally killed 2 does in alternative season with an Encore pistol. You can always self regulate within MDC regulations to do your part if you feel changes are necessary. If you have too many does you can make it shoot a doe before you shoot a buck and so forth, or any buck taken has to be over 150" or pay a fine, that will definately limit the number of bucks taken, type rules. You can always take less game than what MDC mandates and do your part to improve the land you hunt as long as it is within the rules of MDC.
1 - 1 of 91 Posts