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Hazard: The coffeemaker’s plastic pour-in bowl and lid can melt or ignite due to an electrical failure, posing burn and fire hazards to consumers.


Model numbers: GR-10B, GR-10W, B-10B, B-10W, and BT-10B

The model number & six-digit date code is located on a small white or silver sticker on the bottom of the coffeemaker.

Remedy: Consumers should unplug the coffeemaker and allow it to cool (for at least three hours) before checking if they have one of the recalled units. Consumers can contact the firm to obtain a free factory repair, a free in-home repair kit, or purchase a new unit at a discount.

Six-digit date code ending in "01", "02", "03", or "04"

Six-digit date code ending in "05" AND middle two digits between "01" and "40"

If there is a seventh digit, you should ignore it and use the first six digits.

Click the following link for pictures & tables to determine which GR-10B, GR-10W, B-10B, B-10W, and BT-10B units are subject to the voluntary corrective action program:


If you received a Notification Letter from the Bunn Recall Center, please have it available to register online. However, if you did not receive a Notification Letter, you can still complete your online registration.

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First my laptop now my coffee pot, guess we all need better fire insurance if we keep using Chinese and Japanese products.
Maybe there out to burn us to the Ground
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