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    I shot a button buck yesterday morning. It was a 30 yard shot with the deer just slightly quartered away. Looked pretty good initially, but as the little guy hit the wood line I could see my arrow sticking out with about 6-8 inches of penetration. It did not look like he went very far, but I did not see him crash.

    After waiting an hour and not seeing any other deer, I climbed down to look for blood. I only found about 10 drops of blood in the 20 yards from the shot to the wood line, but found a decent splash of blood on a bush at the edge. I could see drops for about another 10 feet but did not see the deer so I decided to go get Rebel and use the track for training.

    Fast forward an hour or so later (2 hours after the shot), I started Rebel and she went right to work. It was thick in the draw and she was getting twisted up but she kept on it. We found a couple of areas with lots of blood and the arrow verifying at least eight inches of penetration based on blood, but the track kept going. About 100 yards into it she got confused, or at least I thought she was. I think the deer wandered around because we found blood drops from the best I can tell in a figure eight pattern. It was hard for me to figure out what the true direction of travel was (great training.) Finally we got past that and continued on in the same general direction for another 75 yards across a dry creek and into another draw. I only saw a couple of drops, but we were moving fairly quickly. About 10 yards in front of us, the deer jumped up and limped about 50 yards where I could see that he laid back down.

    We backed out again and waited over hour giving the deer more time to expire. When we went back (3+ hours after the shot), I left Rebel in the truck and I took my bow in case I needed to put another shot in him. We circled around where the deer was hidden in some thick brush. I thought it was dead, but when I got close it got up and walked about 20 yards and laid down again. I stalked around and put a second shot in him to put him down.

    After I field dressed him, I took a big piece of liver and left it at the blood spot where I had taken the second shot. I took Rebel back to where we had backed out and let her finish the last 100 yards of the track to where the liver was.

    The shot was just slightly forward of where I wanted to hit. I would say no more than a couple of inches, but that is a lot in a smaller deer. Made the difference in a complete pass through shot with a quick result and a shot with only an exit hole that prolonged the process. Not what I wanted to do, but at least Rebel got some great experience on a real blood trail.
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    Congrats to you and Rebel. :eek::

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    practice makes perfect.. I sure got faith in her abilities
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    50% is a very good season. I've never finished a season with that high of success, but a few tough tracks can hurt that percentage. We are still 2/2 this season, but are way behind on tracks. I like to have 10 or more under my belt by the end of October. Glad to see all the tracking being done by others, though!
    I feel it's a shame that in Mo the dog can't be used to bay or catch mortally wounded deer and that the hunter/tracker can't cary a weapon when using a dog. Your drathaar could easily have caught that deer and held it for your shot or dispatched it quickly herself. Glad it all worked out for you, though.
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    Yeah I hope at some point they change the regs to allow the handler to carry a firearm for self defense. I have heard stories of wounded bucks charging when you get close. I figure if I have gone through the CCW process and have a completed background check, that should be enough evidence that I am not going to do something illegal. At least not intentionaly.