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  1. deadeye5

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    Sep 30, 2008
    im looking for an archer's choice rangefinder or something with that triangle deal that says the actual yardage lol
    say on the ground it may be 30yds but 30ft up a tree it says 34yds when it is actually 30yds and you shoot over or under a deer
    right now i have a bushnell yardage pro
  2. 160983

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    I love my nikon. If you have a choice get the archer's choice max. The elements in the view will change to an orange color when you are in low light conditions. It works like a champ. Most of them are advertised good to 100yds. Nikon website states 200yds. Mine actually ranges a tad over 250 yds.

    Not every store will carry these. Cabela's carries these models yet bass pro does not. If you decide to go new.

    Even better and about $20 more you can get a rifle version that goes to 1000 yds I think. Maybe "just" 500.

    Both compensate for angularity and the nikon's view screen isn't cluttered like the others. Good luck on your hunt for one.:cheers:

  3. deadeye5

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    Sep 30, 2008
    yeah thats what i was looking at my friends came in from CO and michigian and they just got back from elk antelope and oryx and they said to get that it goes like 550yds and is 289 theres like a 4+yds diff if your 25+ft up a tree and i dont want to miss a bruiser like he did because they forgot theirs and used mine and itdoesnt have a triangle
  4. Pro-Hunting

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Sent a u2u. I have a rangefinder that fits your needs perfectly.