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Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by yankee, May 31, 2009.

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    gong to meet tracker casey at the range today, gong to do some muzzleloadng work, if i can round up enough newspaper , im going to test some of the new igor slugs
    i'll chronograph the igor slugs also,i need approx 30inches when wet and compressed, to catch a slug
    also going to do some experimenting with the old knight barrel that was giving us a hard time cleaning, it's pitted and going to try to polish it, will let you know what we did and how we did it if it's successfull
    video camera will be running, but i need to convince yankeesgirl to finalize the mini CD as i don't know how to do it, and then maybe we can post a video instead of photos, ya'll have a great day, im gong to drag the garden this morning, load the truck and head to the range
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    well we ended up at the range today, we experimented with a maxi-ball and some valve polishing compound, polishing compound was rolled into the greased slug and we attempted to polish a barrel with a high-speed hone, so to speak, not wanting to be on the darwin awards we taped the muzzleloader to a sawhorse, attached 100ft of string to the trigger and touched off the experiment, 90grains of pyrodex spun the sawhose upside down and it rolled on it's side, gun was still intact, that was a plus:claphands: we disassembled the gun, and could not visually see a difference in the pitting , so we set up round 2 just like round 1, , loaded it again touched it off, again no visual difference in pitting, so we decided to run a few plain greased slugs through it, best 3 shot group the gun would produce at 25yds was approximately 6inches, saboted 45 cal SST was possibly 2inches, although we was able to get the rifling clean enough that a jag and patch quit getting caught or hang up in the barrel, the gun started developing other problems, the rear sight adjustment screw stripped out, my concentration was to the point that getting a good portion of recorded video just didn't happen, i was trying to make a gun perform, when it's obvious that this old knight is or has lived the life expectancy and maybe should be layed to rest, and hung on a mantle then wife called and said hey are you coming home to help with the garden, :eek::eek::hysterical: tracker casey if i missed anything, pipe in, oh by the way thanks to you and the wifey for lunch today...next lunch is my treat

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    heres tracker casey sending 1 down range, gotta love the smoke

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    Is the crown on that barrel any good? Seems like it should do better than that even pitted.
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    [rquote=1281603&tid=89644&author=Underclocked]Is the crown on that barrel any good? Seems like it should do better than that even pitted.[/rquote] you would think it would rifling is recessesed hard to see anything inside the barrel, my gun ran the maxi-balls pretty decent, but i could get nothing closer than a 6 inch group with those slugs, could get 2inches maybe a bit tighter at 25yards with SST sabots, i don't understand it myself