Range results from todays ML shoot.....

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    Well, after I got done bowhunting this morning, and finished setting up the new blind for young Trevor for rifle season, I broke out the ML to test 2 new rounds I picked up at BP.
    I first set up 4 targets for 4 differant bullets, and shot 3 round groups using 90gr of T7. Right off the bat, I found out it liked the 300grain bullets better than the 245 and 250gr. So I continued with only the 300grain T/C Shockwave, and the Hornady 300grn SST/ML.
    Grouping results only, both using 90 grains of T7, at 75 yards, swabbed between each round with diluted soap and water 3 times, and again 3 times with a dry patch.

    T/C Shockwave

    Hornaday SST/ML

    At this point, I felt the T/C's were grouping much better, so I continued only with them.

    Next I went up to 95 grains of T7, still at 75 yards, and swabbing idenically as before. Discregard the far left hole, it's from a target overlap that was to the left of it.


    At this point, I took a wild guess and moved the scope 28 clicks to the right, and shot twice. #1, & #2. I figured since the holes were touching, I was getting close, so I adjust the scope back 14 clicks, and shot #3, 4, and 5 for accuracy. I flinched a little on 4, but I think I'm there.
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