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Range finder for bow hunting

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Who has a range finder that really likes it for bow hunting? I have a Nikon prostaff 550. It’s been great but the wife wants one for bow hunting on her own so looking for suggestions
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My cheapo Bushnell Yardage Pro has served me well for years now. Think I gave $140 for it. Once in stand I range certain trees or other outstanding things and file those yardages in my memory bank so I don't have to do it when the deer is within sight.
I got a $100 one from wally mart. It works as it should. I only use it for bow hunting. I check the distance of a few trees around me so i get an idea of how far the deer is when it is near those trees. Usually don’t have time to bust out the range finder when there is an actual deer walking in.
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Go for a red display. Easy to see in lowlight.
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My girlfriend and I both have Nikon Aculons and they were on sale for like $150-$160 when we got them a year ago and they have been plenty good
I would get one with angle compensator.
I have a leupold RX1600i that qualifies as one of my very favorite pieces of outdoor gear. Highly recommend. The optics are far clearer than most rangefinders and has an archery function. I love it.

One that is highly thought of but not quite as pricey is the Vortex Ranger I think is the model. Most people that have it like it.
Don't do it, next she'll be sitting in your favorite tree stand, telling you where to hunt, what you did wrong.
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I have a Vortex Ranger 1500. Its super clear and has the red display. Love it. Wife has a Nikon Aculon. It's fine but doesnt have the red display. The red display is the way to go.
Just got the new Bushnell Prime 1300. Its bright and works well enough for me. Also has ARC. I think I got it on sale for $140
I’ve got a Nikon 550 as well. It’s been really good to me. If I had to do it over I would buy one with better glass. I use my rangefinder as binoculars more often than for their intended purpose.
MM My brother has the Bushnel yardage pro and likes it...

I just bought a Leopold Marksman 1000,($149) I like it, it is like their 950 but less expensive and made exclusivly for BP and Cabela's...
Farm supply store has a Redfield for 80bucks,
If hunting from ground blind, do not need to spend extra for an angle compensator, even though most of them have that feature now days.

I tried out a lot of them and I did not like the RED readout, I took one outside and ranged a grass patch and I could not see the red in the light colors. I rarily range in low light, and I have never ranged an animal I was going to shoot.
I use a Nikon Prostaff 3i i got back in 2015 and it works fairly well. I am looking at getting one of the new Bushnells.

I dont know if you are a veteran but both Bushnell and Vortex do pretty good discounts if you are.
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