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Rain Rain n Rain

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Whew i have a creek running across my yard several inches deep fer 3 days now. I live on top of a rocky ridge some hard scrabble trees hold together. Done gotstid the mully grubs, want to hunt but not in this deluge. Hope others are not dealing with this much rain
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Not a drop here - again! :banging:
Boy went in western Pike county.
Saw deer. Raining now . Glad I didn't go.
Maybe later in the week for me.
Post stroke and all.(3 weeks ago)
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You guys in the south east have been catching heck with the rain. Here in the KC area....not a drop of rain....for today anyways. A bit chilly but at least not cold enough for saying the Sn_w word.
That sn_w word is in the forecast for next week in NEMO.
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it was sn_wi_g on me while hanging a stand in west Kansas Thursday, while the sand hill cranes were heading south an an Bald Eagle was sitting in tree 100 yards away eyeballing me for lunch.
Had a doe, yearling and fawn walk by and never even noticed me.
It seems that maybe I'm a fairweather hunter. Stayed in this morning cause everything is soaked outside. Wish it was snow instead rain and I'd be out. I'm gonna have to start hitting the stand after I get off work until the time changed screws us. Weekends have been pretty crappy the last few weeks.
Been raining all day here in Southeast Missouri.....put a damper on my Hunting Plans for sure.

On a good note I hunted yesterday evening....saw all kinds of brand new ground scrapes along the field edge heading to my stand.When I parked up in the Ridge Field and got to my ladder stand the Deer/Bucks were tearing up all the smaller trees along the bottom field edge I was over looking...the little SOB's even tore up the wire cages I had around my 2 year old Apple Trees and were rubbing them too! :mad2:

I sat in my ladder stand in a large Cedar Tree and waited for the Culprites....about 30 minutes til last shooting light He showed up....a 2 or 3 year old 8-Pointer that came out from the woods and fed in the mowed field along my Milo and Turnip Food Plot.He walked thru the Milo field and was within 40 yards of a clear shot but He looked Young so I waited and let him walk.He walked down the outer edge of the Milo and came back and walked the same route thru the Milo to the other side into the open field...it got dark and I had to wait it out til he was gone so I didnt spook him and let him know I was there,another Deer came out and messed around so I'm thinking it was another Buck and they went searching for Does? :thinking:
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Had snow last year on opening day of gun season in Pike county.

Took a nice 150+ buck opening day
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Got a rare Saturday off and it’s been pouring. I might be able to get an evening hunt in. Now I’m worried I can’t get to hunt where I want to due to high water. Water will be even worse tomorrow as the water drains out of the fields
....at least all the Leaves are changing colors and We're getting a nice Pretty Fall. :bow:
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It might might be my fault. When Im in nw mo. It rains when Im in southern mo it rains. Ill be in branson until wed. Sorry.
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Rain coming to Branson...get Your rain gear on Radio! :rofl: :wave1:
Finally picked up .43" starting around noon yesterday
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