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    It was stated in another thread: "The latest survey showed slightly under 65,000 hunters participated in the alternative methods season."

    How do you know this? Did you get 65,000 responses to your surveys stating that they participated? How many days on average did they hunt Alt Season?

    Just curious? Sounds to me, like maybe you are extrapolating this number from a smaller sample size of surveys, when it would seem to me, that the people who actually take the time to answer the survey would tend to be people who are avid hunters, not just your average guy picking up a rifle a couple days each year.
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    It is from a smaller subset of survey respondents but I don't know how many. The surveys are supposedly statistically valid, so I believe it's probably pretty close. I'd say there are probably several 1 - 2 day a year hunters that fill them out and there are probably several hardcore hunters that don't fill them out. That is all supposed to be accounted for in the surveying somehow.
    I did not ask about how many days of the season the average participant hunted or if that was an option from the survey.
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