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quality famly time (pics downsized now you can see em)

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got the draw and weight set up right for my wife so we went out and shot a few arrows.
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Originally posted by rat
Originally posted by DShootnstGentemn
Great Chuck! :cheers:

Her draw length still needs to be shortened. True. :)
Ever get the idea that DSG is the Simon Cowell of this site??lol

If'n she is printing good groups and is comfortable with what she's shootin, I say more power to er!

Not that I watch american Idol or anything.. :hysterical:
i made the same observation (about the draw length, not american idol:stickfight:). i think DSG is only trying to help her shoot better and more comfortably. i imagine he would have kept quiet if it was only long by a half inch or so (it looks to be >2 inches long). if she continues to shoot like that, she will never be as good as she would be if her bow fit her (and she won't be comfortable shooting for very long periods of time, either).

but if she is happy shooting it that way, who am i to judge. glad to see new people getting into the sport. again, i think DSG was only offering a little friendly advice.
Originally posted by rat
I totally agree.. I understand DSG's advice and agree w/it. Jus a little friendly ribbing on the cowell statement. ;)

As you say though, 2" too long may be making it more difficult for her than it needs to be. I guess if you randomly looked at 5 or 10 different people shoot, you might notice subtle differences in everyones form. A person who didnt know who Jim Furyk was would be extremely surprised watching him take a few practice swings and then learn that he shot 5 under last weekend in the Players Championship at the very difficult TPC course at Sawgrass!!

Ultimately, what really counts , least in an ethical hunting situation, is being able to deliver a clean, humane, quick/kill shot. If she is just starting out, prolly better to get the proper draw length, start developing good habits off the git-go. :)
yeah, DSG seems to take quite a bit of :bangin:around here:rotfl:

i agree, it is better to start out with good habits than to try and fix them after they have been ingrained into muscle and memory (trust me, i know:banghead:)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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