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Preserve Venison Outside of the Freezer by Pressure Canning

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    Preserve Venison Outside of the Freezer by Pressure Canning

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  2. How long do you process in the pressure cooker for pints and for quarts? Thanks

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    We process quarts for 90 minutes. I have canned a lot of chunk venison, but have also in the last few years begun canning ground. We brown it well, add to quart jar, cover with boiling water and seal. Process for 90 minutes. Sometimes we add Taco seasoning or chili seasoning, but mostly unseasoned and then can use it for whatever. Also have been canning italian venison meatballs in spaghetti sauce. Very easy for sandwiches or pasta. We don't use eggs, milk or cheese in the meatballs and have just been browning them in the oven. Fill jar with hot tomato sauce, seal and process for 90 minutes. If you haven't canned venison, you are missing out.
  4. Thanks 30338. I looked it up in an Extension Service publication--they also say 90 minutes. I have not canned any venison or other meat. My freezer space seems to stay full of "bargains" so I may give it a try this year. Thanks again.
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    Thinking of trying canning this hunting season. Two questions regarding the process. 1) Doesn't heating it to 240 cook the meat in the jar? 2) I will be hunting in the mountains this fall. Does the change in altitude bringing the jars home to Missouri affect the meat in the jar