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In this recent issue of American Rifleman they have a nice article comparing the older Winchester Model 70's to the new ones made in Columbia South Carolina. Its a good read of your a Model 70 guy.

BUT in the very back in the I HAVE THIS OLD GUN section they are reviewing in what my untrained eyes would call is a very nice pre-64 Manufactured 1948 Standard grade Model 70.

saying that the addition of a recoil pad & drilling for scope mounts , losing the front sight hood and rear sight. all lessen the value.

Purley original would be close to the $1200 but they had this one valued at $600-650.

I'd think the Featherweights even with the some modifications would be wort $1000+ but this really surprised me.

I tried to find a link for the article on the web site but could not
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