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Post your biggest buck trail pic here, Winner take all!

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Here is mine, not bad, but I know you guys got some bigger ones, ALSO BE HONEST! Has to have been off your camera!
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This may be hard to judge in the end..

Who is the official scorer?? fireman should do nicely.
yea, I know, hard to score, but we should be able to figure somthing out, and cosidering that winner take ALL, there is a lot at stake!:pop:
Alright sir.. good luck! You got a real nice start there!
Nice picture arrow-1. How do you like your camera? Mine will not put the moon phase on the picture.I called Moultrie and they said to send it back but i'm afraid the replacement will not work as well. Other than that it is a good cam.
whoops!!! someone move this to the biggest buck trail pic post please.
I can't compete, but I'm going to play!

Here's pic one.

love the camera, no problems (YET)........come on guys, cant you top my 9 point??????????Lets go!
And here's the same deer about 2 weeks later.

I didn't see him all season. All of bow season, I never saw a deer that had 4+ points on a side! :mad:

thanks rat-trapper LOL dont know what happend there:D
nice ones guys! Keep em comin!!:eek::eek:
What time of the year was yours taken psycho? He looks a lil thick in the neck.
that one was taken last year i believe during firearms season or a lil after. that pic was taken not 15 yrds from my moms house. now there is a housing area close to there and it is all messed up :frown: im sorry 2 seasons ago
Oh man.. bummer.

Yea.. I thought that buck looked a little rutty
I'm putting my money on alwyshtn and Hoytshooter. One of the two of them will take the cake on this thread.

she wanted me to put one on my cameras up because she had been seeing turkeys once and awhile and she said a big buck. I thought all i would get was a bunch of pictures of her cat. That bruiser was on the first roll i took out and a couple of other bucks were there also. Just proves one thing....never doubt mommy!!!
OK OK enough small talk,,,,, Where are the PICS??????:pop::pop::pop::pop:
momma knows best, I guess!
1 - 20 of 147 Posts
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