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Plans for a ground blind

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Does anyone have any type of plans for a ground blind that could be built. It looks like I will be going through a back operation within the next month or so and I will not want to climb into a tree next season. We have several locations on our farm that we can place them. Any plans would be helpful. Thanks and goodluck all.
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I've got 4 shooting blinds that I built on my place. All are elevated but the box would be the same. Mine are all 5x5 (not really big enough for 2 people), like PW's just simple design, w/o plans. If you want it to be mobile I would use 2x2 for the frame to keep weight down.
My next one is gonna be built on an old pickup bed trailer that I have and don't use anymore. I'll just have to pull it out to where ever I want to use it a couple weeks early so the deer are accoustomed to it before I hunt it. Will be plenty of room for my grandson to move around when he gets bored.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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