Past weekend sits (halloween)

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    Feb 19, 2009
    Congrats to all the youths who hunted the past weekend, I heard 4 shots both days, hope they found their mark!

    Saturday morning saw 2 does and two young bucks about 50 yrads out then look to the north and a 115ish 8 is well within range, he caught a pass, had to get down at 11am for soccer games-kiddos. Back isn a different area with new rubs and it was the first sit of the year where I was blanked! Walked out of the woods smiling thinking what other sport do yiou get shutout and still walk away with a smile on your face!!!!

    Sunday morning was able to sneak in an climber stand up a tree and was certainly not very early.....well right as it was light enough a doe and a basket forky were under me and the fork was bumpng her, they trotted off and i hear something to the east and a 115 8 pt walks by and then puts his nose to the ground and prances where the fork and doe went. A bunch of does and buttons later a solid 120-125 8 pt is 10 yards and looking for the source of the VECtor grunts....he presented me with 10 minutes worth of shots, then feed off. more does and a 1" spike feed right under my feet and I could hear him chewing. 18-20 deer and all inside of 20 yards! I know where I will be wednesday if the ne wind holds!

    Hopefu;l a 4.5 buck will give me a shot!

    Good luck to all!