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    May 24, 2008
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    Allysa and I got invited down to MrB's place for the youth season. We didn't come home with a deer but I know Allysa came home with memories that will last a lifetime. As soon as we got home she started makin plans to go back for the '11 g2g.....not to mention all the phone calls to grandparents and friends tellin em all bout the weekend. HUGE HUGE thank you to MrB, lma, and lucky for makin this happen for us. Was a great place to hunt....amazing people....real good vittles....couldn't ask for anything more than that!! Thank you all again.

    First day....

    [file]146944[/file] [file]146946[/file] [file]146948[/file] [file]146950[/file] [file]146952[/file]
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    May 24, 2008
    Philly, MO
    Day 2.....

    lma and Adam wore her out. That last pic showed all the convo I received from her all the way home

    [file]146954[/file] [file]146956[/file] [file]146958[/file] [file]146960[/file] [file]146962[/file] [file]146964[/file] [file]146966[/file] [file]146968[/file]

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    Our pleasure for sure my man........ That young lady was an absolute blast to be around and I sure hope you and your family can come back and visit...... She's a dandy........ :cheers::cheers::cheers::claphands::claphands::eek::
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    Nov 20, 2002
    Im glad i got the opportunity to take her out and on her first hunt with her dad and the good conversations in the blind and deer stand waiting for shooting light. I think her dad and I got her HOOKED now i have a feeling she will be in stand regular deer season. Hope to see the pic soon with her first deer sorry we couldn't make things happen, She had the opportunity to take a shot at a doe but told us she wasn't sure on the shot and waited. I give her big props on that considering being her first deer through a scope ever she easily had the chance to say she had a clear shot at her angle but told the truth and said wasn't comfortable with the shot great job allysa.
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    I had a blast she is a very sweet young Lady wish we could have got her a deer,but I think she had some fun. Best of luck next time out and let us know when she gets that first one.:eek:::eek::
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    We enjoyed it as much as she did! So glad we had the opportunity to meet such fine people, and looking forward to the next visit! Tell Allysa hi for us! :wave::wave:
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    Those are great pics! Glad she was able to get out and enjoy it!
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    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. :claphands:
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    its nice that MWT has such nice stories to share
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