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All in all it was a good season, I hunted with the boy s and good friends! We ate some tags, filled some tags, but most importantly had fun chasing they amazingly fun creatures!

The season started in IL (shared on another thread), it was a classic roost hunt! Roosted them the evening before and ended up being set perfectly and Simon smoked him shortly after 1st light! Our first IL longbeard!!!

Hunted opening day with a buddy and we only had 3 jakes at spitting distance, Wednesday different spot we had 4 jakes at 20 yards and apparently I did not see the gobbler over my right shoulder who made a brief appearance at 40 yards, ergh!!!

Opening Jackson and I went with Jeff for a great turkey camp! Jeff's tag was filled and the 3 of us set-up were running and gunning, about 9 am, Jax was on a tree with Jeff and I was 10 feet to their right and silent gobbler came into my right and caught movement..PUTT........Jeff said shoot him Bob, then said roll around the tree and kill that GOBBLER....like a ninja I slowly rolled out of my gobbler lounger and came to a knee and settled in and smoked him! pic is Jax & I. Sure wanted Jax to kill him, but he would have likely peppered me face! The other pair at camp killed a gobbler and we met at the front of the property. AFtr sharing stories, Jax said can we go hunt, it was WINDY as heck, so Jeff said go get in the blind down the field edhge...off he went with DSD strutter, hen and shotgun! 20 minutes later I see I missed a call....he saw a hen on the way to the blind, put the strutter in front of him and easing towards the blind he spied a strutter coming down the hill 150 yards out, dropped down and call from behind the DSD strutter...the gobbler came running to minimum 8 steps below eye level, well he missed! The next morning was rainy so the three of made it to the blind in the dsark, had a jake around forever then about 9am GOBBBLLLLLELEELLLE........Jeff turned them on and Jackson tuned one up about 10 minutes later!!! pic is Jax with Jeff & I flanking him.

2nd week I connected around 730 am one morning and had 5 strutter stomping him, great hunt, had to watch three tailfans for over 35-40 minutes before one raised it's head long enough to eat the TSS!

Jax went a couple more times, but the Perryville area produced a gobbler encounter at about 100 yards and other hunts we were somewhat in the game but never clicked the safety off!
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Simon, hunted MO youth, but we only had 4 jakes as close as 4 yards forever. His priorities were HS baseball, so very limited Spring Days for birds, but we made the most of them. Last day we scaled a mountaIn in the pitch dark, and the bird was where I knew he would be from prior days hunting with Jackson. Called that bird in twice to 25 yards or closer, but it wasn't meant to be! Shooting them from a blind is easier to get on them that sitting against a tree. Great encounters and GREAT Mother's Day morning hunt!

Season over!

What a privilege to hunt them! Not a huge fan of being tagged out early in week 2, but with the kids still hunting them and allowing me to tag along it helped me stay afield a bit more!!

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Congrats on a great season.

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Great season for you guys again Bob. Quite a tradition these kids are growing up with thanks to ya.
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