Our dog was attacked!

Discussion in 'Dogs' started by venatic, Apr 1, 2017.

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    Anyone who has small children and a pit bull has a ticking time bomb. As Rat pointed out, any dog breed has the ability to show aggression, Pits are bred to and are capable of killing...hence their name.
    Some breeds also have more of a propensity to snap. When I was a kid, we raised Louisiana Catahoulas. I will never own one. They can be great dogs and also some of the best deer blood trailing dogs you can find, but there was definitely a crazy streak in them. One of our males nearly killed my Uncles Chow, but in that case the Chow kinda got what he had coming.
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    Ever wonder why God gave dogs teeth? It certainly wasn't for smiling that's for sure. In my 30 years of carrying mail I was bitten 7 times and none were by pit bulls. My first was a German Shepherd and the remaining 6 were by dogs that don't bite....at least that is what their owners said to me as I handed them their mail.....chomp!!:eek:

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    One of my customers has a rescue pit bull along with 3 other small dogs. All come to greet me at the door when I arrive and the pit bull stays with me most of the time that I'm there and keeps me company. He always wants attention from me. That said, any dog regardless of breed will bite under the right circumstances. Step on they're paw or tail is a good trigger. Neighbors down the street have two smallish dogs (don't know the breed) @15lbs. I wont put my hand over the fence as they demonstrate that they will bite if you do!
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    All dogs can bite and all dogs can fight, but pitbulls were specifically bred for it. That means they have the best combination of temperament and physical abilities to fight and hurt other dogs and animals, including people. Say what you want about it not being the breed's fault, but they were bred to be that way. Sure, I've seen pitbulls be very good dogs, but All dogs can and will eventually resort to their natural state when triggered by the right thing. I have a couple of dachshunds that a couple of times a year decide they need to get in a fight over one food bowl instead of separating to the 2 bowls that are supplied, but they are wiener dogs and they cannot tear each other apart and they are relatively easy to separate. I would not like to be in the same position between 2 pitbulls.
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    This conversation isn't as much fun without Jeremy posting here anymore.

    Guess we could switch it to rottweilers and get reflex all wound up. :D
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    Nope. I'll stay out of it. :wave:
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    sorry to hear about your dog that is not fun stuff and hope he heals fast! as far as the pit bull lovers im sorry but there is no reason at all to have kids around them after all the stories you hear about them attacking and biting kids! and you are right about the pit bulls being the way they are because of previous owners and how they treated them but you also got to look at why the previous owners picked that kind of dog.
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    Cousins beagle killed $400,000 worth of deer at Oak creek whitetail Ranch . Or so that's what they got out of the insurances .
    They are viscous!
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    Have you ever been attacked by a chihuahua? I still have nightmares, was attacked by a pack of those little bastards. It's a lot easier to put a couple rounds into a pitbull then a smaller target :wave: