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    Jun 30, 2003
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    never fails one day a year it seems i always over sleep and this year it was opening day! oh well at least i got it outta the way early in the season.

    only me and one of the normal crew were able to get out we had planned to leave super early being opening day and unsure how many folks would be there.

    because of over sleeping we didn't get left as early as we would have liked but still had plenty of time before shooting would arive.

    we were super shocked when we got to the area we were hunting to find only a couple of trucks there.

    we headed out and sure enough there was some folks that beat us to the spot we planned on being at.
    so we picked another area and got set up.

    we saw alot of ducks! most were bonus type ducks
    gadwall, teal, wedgon, bluebills, woodies and two BEAUTIFUL Pintails, very few greenheads.

    we got a few looks more like minor glances but all the birds were wanting to land out in the open water in the middle and just couldn't get them to finish

    i did fire two shots for the day and got me a pretty drake woodie

    wasn't alot of killing but we sure had a good time all the same



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    i think the older i get i enjoy the good times more then the harvesting. good shooting