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    Ok.. I'll try this but it is best done in person!

    3 elderly gentlemen were talking in a retirement home.

    The subject of "whats the most scared you have ever been" came up.

    Lenny offered this... "I was lion hunting in Africa years ago. The hunt was almost over when on the last day, we were tracking a pride that had a huge male. After a slow and careful stalk, I had a shot at the trophy male. I made my shot which I thought was a good one... to my dismay, the lion turned on our group and charged! Seconds before the lion got to us, I was able to get off two quick shots, my last two in fact, and the huge lion expired at my feet. THAT is the most frightening point in my life!

    Carl said, well, that is pretty scary. But I've got one better. We were elephant hunting, Africa also. We had also had a non-productive hunt until the last afternoon before I had to leave. Finally, we see a trophy bull and I take my shot! The bull charges, trampling 2 of our guides, and knocking me over before finally dying. THAT is the most frightening point in my life!

    Well.. Homer says, I've got you both beat! I was bear hunting in Saskatchewan... we had a very uneventful hunt when finally, in the last 15 minutes of the hunt, we encountered a 12 ft grizzly... I didnt have time to get off a shot. The huge grizzly was only ten feet away from me, reared up on his back legs, (homer is motioning) raised his arms and went "grrrraaahhhhhhhhhgggggggg!!!! I pooped my pants!

    Lenny and Carl were amazed! Both said "I guess you did sh%$ your pants having that happen to you!"

    Homer says no, I mean just now when I went "grrrraaaahhhhhhhgggggggg!!
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    Great one Rat!!!!

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