One of my favorites from 2002

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    I remember that one too....and the crowd it gathered when it was being measured at the classic....what a brute....keep em comin!!!!!

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    You know.... I never got the final skinny on this one....... How's your memory fireman........
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    IF memory serves me correct....non typical score around 208 maybe??? Killed in southern Saline county...Rifle season, pretty sure....Not sure about the 208, but I believe it went over 200"....Wasn't there a write up about it on the MWT's home page at one time???
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    I took the pic at the check station in Carrollton the day he shot it and thought he sent me the info after it was scored but danged if I can find it......
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    Hmmm, Carrollton check in...maybe it wasn't killed in Saline....oh well, nice deer fo sho!!!
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    You're right fireman.... It was killed in Saline and checked in in Carrollton......... I just can't find the story line for it.....:wave:
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    Jun 30, 2003
    new bloomfield mo
    man that aint nothing if i cut and glue three of mine together i have one bigger:bangin:

    no i remember seeing that pic in several places what a hog
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh yea, I remember that brute well!
    Definatly a beauty of a rack..!
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Fonud the story on

    By: Allen “horntagger†Morris

    Welcome to ANTLER ALLEY! That is what more and more hunters realize when they decide to head North of the I-70 Interstate to hunt Northern Missouri whitetail bucks.

    There is a good reason for that. When you talk about Northern Missouri you talk about whitetail bucks that their body size is only highlighted by an enormous set of antlers. Missouri whitetail deer hunters consistently harvest these huge whitetails in ANTLER ALLEY.

    With the top ten counties north of I-70 the area known as ANTLER ALLEY, has produced 754 record book whitetail bucks as entered by Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club.
    With the No. 1 non-typical whitetail archery harvest by Randy Simonitch coming in at 269 7/8 B&C in Pick County. Also the No. 1 non-typical whitetail rifle harvest by Kevin Thomas coming in at 282 2/8 B&C in Saline County. Both these mammoths of the north where harvested north of I-70 in Missouri.

    No wonder Northern Missouri has become known as ANTLER ALLEY.


    For Charlie Blalock and J.T., his 9-year-old son, hunting in Saline County Missouri would be an experience of a lifetime as they crossed into ANTLER ALLEY.

    Charlie had lost his regular hunting area, to some other hunters, who had leased the land for the 2002 season.

    So on November 14th, just two days before the opening of Missouri Rifle season, Charlie was calling up friends. Trying to find a place for him and J.T. to hunt together.

    Finally, Charlie's good friend has a buddy he worked with that told them to come on and they would fix up an old homemade deer stand, that they could both hunt from. Thank goodness for good OLE Missouri hospitality.

    Friday afternoon on November 15th, 2002 the day before the Missouri firearm season would open. Charlie’s two friends fixed a ladder on this old 4’-0†x 6’- 0†homemade stand. The homemade stand, which was 12 foot in the air, had not been used much in the past few years. But, while checking the stand out to make sure it was safe. They saw a nice whitetail buck near by. This would just be a glimpse of things to come.


    Saturday, November 16th, 2002 had arrived and like many hunters across the state. The 3:00 a.m. alarm went off, to let Charlie and J.T. know it was time to get ready for the opening day of Missouri’s firearms deer season.

    Since Charlie and J.T. were having to drive from their home in Harrisonville, Missouri to Marshall, Missouri to meet up with the two friends. Charlie and J.T. needed to get a move on.

    Like many typical 9 year old boys, J.T. was never one to be an early riser, but the excitement of the hunt with dad was enough to get him out of bed.

    Throwing on there long johns and getting dressed they were out the door and in the truck. After getting to Marshall, Missouri around 5:15 a.m. Charlie and J.T. meet up with their friends and headed to the timber.

    With an overcast day and the temperatures in the 20’s, Charlie and J.T. made it to their new home in the woods at 6:15 a.m. Charlie was glad he had brought a sleeping bag with him for J.T. to crawl into if he got cold.

    However, that wasn’t why the sleeping bag got used on this Missouri morning. A young man’s feet tapping with nervous energy, on the wooden planks was like sending Morse code to the local whitetail deer not to come near their stand.

    Charlie ended up with J.T. sitting on the sleeping bag. It is the little memories of a hunt, that stay with you a lifetime. Just thinking about a 9-year old tapping his foot on a deer stand, makes any father smile joy.

    Charlie looked over the stand location, which was set-up in a small patch of trees with about 30 yards of pasture between the stand and some big timber. Along with a soybean field that had been harvested and the wheat had already started coming up, just to the north of the stand. It looked like an ideal place to deer hunt.

    J.T. had taken a whitetail doe during the Missouri youth season a few weeks before. (J.T. had actually shot the doe but the scope had split his eye open so I had to rush him to the house to bandage his eye. I tracked the deer for quite a while but never found it.) But was enjoying a new family tradition with his day. When at 6:50 a.m., Charlie caught some movement in a small thicket to his left.

    That’s when an enormous Northern Missouri whitetail buck just trotted out into the pasture from the East Side of the small thicket.

    The monster whitetail buck just stopped and turned and looked right in Charlie and J.T.’s direction. Charlie said to his son. “OH, J.T. he’s a nice one!†That would be an understatement as this Northern Missouri whitetail buck was sporting 15 main points with 24 scorable points on his set of antlers.

    Charlie shouldered his Winchester .308, in his excitement, had not pushed the safety all the way off as he tried to pull the trigger. The Northern Missouri whitetail buck just stood 100 yards from Charlie in the pasture.

    Charlie after 20 plus years of hunting calmed his self down and pushed the safety a second time. This time the .308 Winchester sounded off.

    Perfect shot, but this big buck was not down for the count. As it took off right for the big timber. Charlie fired a second, and third shot. But the whitetail buck was till on the move. Finally the 165-grain Sierra Boat tail dropped the buck in his tracks with the fourth shot.

    This would be a once in a lifetime buck for Charlie and a sure-fire way to give a young man like J.T. the fever to keep hunting."

    (Horntagger----Hope you don't mind!)
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Here\'s another pic...