One happy little man!

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    :D His grin went from ear to ear. My son shot his first deer this morning, he actually woke me up @ 5:10 this morning. So we get to the stand a shade after 6:00. We are sitting there and about 7:00 two does head to the north on the neighbors ground so he knew it was just the beginning and he started to get pumped. He continued watching through the binos at them while they were being chased around by another. I told him to look to the north and three does were heading our way on our property, so he got his gun ready as they came in closer and closer, they came to a downed limb and turned to cross fence, all of a sudden they turned back to the pasture and continued walking toward us. Two of them backed off and stopped, but one doe decided she was going to walk right on broadside to us. My son looked at me and said "can I shoot?", I said "If your ready", he says" Im going to shoot". Then POW he pulled the trigger. So at 7:16, 48 yards, he makes a great shot, she goes down in 30 yards. After she jumps the fence.
    He looks at me with the biggest grin and says " My knees wont quit shaking". Dont we all know that feeling?

    So we are sitting there for a few minutes, the other two does come right over to that same spot, then a small buck from the south, then another small buck from the north. So in a matter of 30 minutes we see 8 deer with 1 down.

    He is one happy little man and I am one proud dad.

    Congratulations to my son on his first doe harvest, I know he is hooked.

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    that is awesome.

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    Congrats to you both.:eek::
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    AWesome.....great pic.
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    South Mississippi
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    awesome,memories for ever right there:cheers:
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    Congrats to your son!!! :cheers: :claphands:
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    St Charles
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    :eek::Looks like a great shot too:eek::
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    Absolutely awesome, congrats.:eek::