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I was setting here looking at my Bird Feeder and the Male Cardinals. I remember the old Men years ago talking about hanging Red Birds over Mink Sets.

Get a Barrel cut two Half Moons out, fix a couple Springs up to close them. Fill them about half full of water in the Pond or Creek, put a Ear of Corn in the middle. Muskrats will come to the Corn slip off in the water and drown.

Take Braise and Bit, bore Hole in Log where ***** run, drive couple Horse Shoe Nails in at an angle, fill with Honey. ***** with slip their Paw into get the Honey and get caught.

Weave a Cone out of Straw, dig a little Trench out, put Corn down it, cover leaving both ends open. Quail will follow, come out in the middle, get what Quail you want turn the rest lose.

No not legal but looking back. I remember getting Leg Hold Traps that actually had Teeth on the Jaws but some of these traps were from 1902.

I remember me and my Grandpa had $20K worth of furs in a shed. He puts a Nickle Size Lock on it. I look at him he says keeps them honest. LOL


:D The Big Grin would be a Hunting Dog back then or gone.
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