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Ol double beard

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Bagged, tagged, and in the freezer before most folks punch the time clock.

0 gobbles heard this morning from the roost. I done a blind fly down cackle around 630 to try and spark one before I had to head to the first service call. I thought I heard a bird fly down afterwards, but was not sure....3ish minutes later he gobbled within 75 yards. Soon found out he was headed the opposite direction considering he decided to start gobbling every breathe. Time was limited for me, so I had no choice but to try and belly crawl in on him...I made it to within 100 yards laying prone in a small sage grass patch....yelped 1x and he came without hesitation. Boom at 35 steps!

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My kind of hunt! Something about moving and calling will get them coming in. You convinced him you were a turkey. Pretty bird!
Fun and to the point. Congrats.
Sounds like a fun hunt with good results.
Congrats been tough for me to get out in the woods this year
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