Ok, Marlin 917 bull barrel owners

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  1. Curtis

    Curtis Active Member

    I have a question regarding the stocks on the newer Marlin rifles.

    My Marlin 880sq 22lr bull barrel snythetic stock has a nice slim feel to it

    My Marlin 917 17hmr bull barrel wood stock is very thick at I guess what would be the "wrist" --- the part where the thumb of your shooting hand tries to wrap around it. Having put up with it for a few years now, it is something that I don't feel very comfortable with (though a Marlin that doesn't fit right is better than a savage, ruger, or cz that does) :stirpot:
    My hands are just too small.

    My question:

    Are the factory synthetic stocks on the 917 bull series a slimmer profile on the wrist area than the wood stocks?

    I'm tempted to make the switch :thinking:
  2. macon county boy

    macon county boy New Member

    May 6, 2009
    i got rid of my marlin 17hmr for a good shootn savage 17 hmr with a much better stock

  3. glennasher1

    glennasher1 Active Member

    Sep 16, 2004
    Radcliff, KY
    I've got an early 17V, probably built in the first months of production. It's stock IS clubby, but it fits me pretty well anyway.

    Maybe that is saying something about me, I dunno:claphands: .

    I haven't handled the synthetic stocked models enough to notice any difference, so you're sorta on your own there.

    Besides, it took a LOT of tinkering and glass-bedding to get it exactly right for shooting the way I want it to, and I ain't messing with that. With a favored lot of ammo, it's under an inch every time at 100 yards (5 shot groups). I wouldn't mess with success like that :D .
    I had a Savage, too. Itwas/is more even natured in it's ammo tastes, it shoots everything pretty well, but NOT QUITE as good as the Marlin at it's BEST So, I kept the Marlin, and gave the Savage to a buddy. He loves it.
  4. macon county boy

    macon county boy New Member

    May 6, 2009
    i got jus the opposite results glenn my marlin would only shoot hornadys,and my savage will shoot everything good under inch at 100 and the marlin only shot 20 grers for some reasonand i havent even adjusted the accutrigger
  5. DJH1

    DJH1 New Member

    Jun 16, 2008
    My 917 is wood and its pretty thick. Havent tried the synthetic.

    As far as the gun, I love it. Shoots as good as my CZ.
  6. Curtis

    Curtis Active Member

    I might give the guys at rimfire central a try; I just hate using the internet on my own time instead of work's :pop:

    I know the 800 series and 900 series stocks are inletted the same are suppost to be drop in with the exception of barrel and the hole for the magazine (22lr vs 22mag/17).

    I don't think there's any reason per say that the wood stock is so thick other than it just is what it is.
  7. JimH

    JimH Active Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    St. Louis
    so why not sand down your wood stock at the grip area and refinish it?
  8. Curtis

    Curtis Active Member

    [rquote=1869501&tid=130023&author=JimH]so why not sand down your wood stock at the grip area and refinish it?[/rquote]

    Because somehow it will be a total disaster of monumental proportions :thinking:

    I haven't looked, but I can't imagine a Marlin black stock selling for more than 50 dollars or so. At most to the door $75.
    I ought to be able to sell the wood stock for $30 I'd think. The only thing wrong with it that I know of is a small ding underneath from a sling.