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  1. oneshot 1

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    Jun 11, 2003
    Ok I've been hurting for about a month taking Norco every 4 hours.

    Have known I have Degenerative Bone Disease for last 15 years. Also know I have a Stenosis. With my New Pain I've had Numbness all the way down a Leg I have Poor Circulation in and have Chronic Blood Clots, so I'm on Blood Thinners and will never be off them. Other Leg I have been having constant Nerve Pain half way down my other Leg.

    Haven't been able to sleep in a Bed. Getting up and down takes bunch of pushing and pulling and pain.

    Went to see a Specialist with the idea Operate, different Meds something to do away with the pain.

    Well go to the Specialist seems I have Arthritis in my Spine but because I'm on Blood Thinners there is absolutely nothing they can do :eek:

    Thinking well they can't fix this so maybe I can loosen up my Spine, so I'm doing some stretches. Going ahead and sleep in Bed no matter how it hurts. They told me I might be able to work out in the Pool and some light Weights so tomorrow I'm going to try. Plus I have been wearing Sweats going back to wearing my Bibs. Tried walking without my Cane and that was a mistake.

    Ok wanting to know how do you deal with pain Driving and Hunting?? PM me if you want.


    :D Let the Big Grin drive.
  2. oneshot 1

    oneshot 1 Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2003
    Ok just made a trip with my wife. Well got to hear about how all this is my fault over doing it at the Gym. Got told I only want to do this and that and none of this.

    Then she came up with I really don't see you hunting this season. She says she will take me fishing but not hunting.


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    Apr 13, 2009
    Jefferson County
    Probably a good idea to stick with the fishing when you can. :)
  4. Mailman

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    Feb 2, 2005
    Blue Springs Mo
    ............and she is taking off to Texas and leaving you and the Big Grin to fend for yourselves? She best be getting you a caretaker while she is gone.
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  5. 67Firebird

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    I do as little driving as possible (about 60mi per week, and most of that is for church). That's a big part of why I haven't gone to the hunt at Smithville in several years. I can still sit in a blind just fine, if there's room for me to move around, but the drive to/from is what does me in.
    I mostly hunt here on our place, sitting in my Rzr, just to avoid driving.
  6. Cook

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    May 28, 2003
    If hunting means sitting in a blind for deer,with blood clot/DVT,its a no-go.Consult your Dr.,not the internet.
  7. oneshot 1

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    Jun 11, 2003
    Ok changes today. I told the Yoga Instructor that I would be there this morning. Plus yesterday I found I had been drawn for Caney Mountain Muzzleloader Hunt. This was more incentive to get in shape back to about where I was.

    Get up this morning, hurting. Found I couldn't get my Tie Shoes on. Something Popped that really hurt. I took my Pain Medication. Was trying to cook my Breakfast, found I couldn't stand. My wife finished cooking my Breakfast.

    My wife told me to settle down that I'm not going to feel good over night. Don't worry about swimming, Yoga or working out, that if I can' I can't, if I push it I might mess up more than fix.

    Ok I have Deterioration of the Lower and Upper Spine. I have one Stenosis in my Spine and now have Arthritis in my Spine. I also have poor Circulation in one Leg giving me Chronic Blood Clots but Blood Thinners have this under Control. My Doctor says with the Blood Thinners he is not afraid of me having Blood Clots.

    Specialist say if they was to Operate that it would more than likely kill me. They tried Injections before and they didn't work.

    Ok before I would drive with taking my Pain Medication it was Illegal then. Ok now I'm on far more Medication and I'm not driving at all, not sure if I could get into my Pickup anyway if I wanted. So my wife is driving.

    My wife just remembered she might have a FEMA Class in Columbia in October but not sure if it is around date of the Caney Mountain Hunt.

    Ok thinking quit pushing and for now forget the Caney Mountain Hunt and might as well forget hunting for now. I went to the Pool yesterday and felt pretty good but that might be my problem this morning.

    When My wife leaves have my Son or someone taking care of me.

    My wife is getting ready to Mow the Lawn. I asked her if she was going to do it like I would or just Mow? She said she was going to just Mow.


    :D Well the Big Grin would treat him like a Horse.
  8. Mule

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    Sep 27, 2003
    Franklin County, MO
    Contact the MDC Outdoors Skills Specialist for your region.
    Ask if he knows where you might get a tracked motorized chair to use for the hunt.

    Be sure you have a Dr. signed hunting methods exemption certificate.
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  9. oneshot 1

    oneshot 1 Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2003
    Had the Exemption for years but don't think I can get one of these Chairs. Plus if I can they may raise Cane there.


    :D The Big Grin still thinks.