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October 29th buck

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October 29th was a day to remember! I Was watching a 4 pointer making a scrape when I hear a loud snort wheeze from down the hill. Next thing I see is antlers coming up the hill through the brush and this fella runs the 4pt off. Then proceeds to work the same scrape 15 yards from the tree. I drew back, anchored and release. Arrow hit him in the back of the ribs and he bolted stumbling down hill for 50 yards or so before falling and getting up and falling again. I got down and checked blood and had a walking blood trail but didn’t want to push the deer due to knowing it was a predominant liver hit with maybe a little lung too. Went back this morning and found him 50-60 yards from where I saw him last. Thank you too all my friends, family and hunting buddies that talked me off a cliff from pushing this deer and my buddy tony for helping me drag this big boy out! This is my biggest deer with any weapon and shooting him with my twig makes it that much sweeter! I’m thrilled and thankful for good friends and the most understanding wife a guy could ask for!!! Shot him with my 58” primal tech long bow [email protected] I draw 27. Gt 3555 and 225 grains up front.


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I envy you. Congratulations!
Heck of a buck. Congrats. :cheers:
Nice chocolate rack buck! And congrats on making it happen with a longbow! I wish we had more successful traditional hunters on this website. I could see it being addicting.
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Very nice Buck there, congrats!! :tup:
Nice one congrats!
what a nice poper, well done, very well done!!
Very strong....and with the stick & string also!

Well played buddy....you must've been paying attention to all the trad tips on here!
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That is good stuff. Congrats on your most memorable buck!
That one to for sure be proud of, congrats man. Love the dark chocolate rack.
I love them chocolate racks ..awesome Buck .. your smile says it all
Nice work!!
Nice! Did you have a rock on the end of your arrow?
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