NWTF Calling Championships 2006

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    Calling Champions Sound Off

    Focus. Determination. Practice. Visualization.

    Ingredients to repeating as the Wild Turkey Bourbon/NWTF Grand National Calling Champion don't come from lack of effort, they come from the desire to be the best. And that is the title Matt Van Cise will continue to hold for the next year--the best turkey caller in the world.

    "Winning for a second time is unbelievable," said Van Cise, of Grand Valley, Pa. "The second time is amazing. Holding this trophy over my head makes up for all the hours of practice."

    In addition to a trophy, Van Cise won a championship ring and $5,000 for his efforts at the NWTF's 30th annual Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tenn.

    "These callers are dedicated to what they do," said NWTF CEO Rob Keck. "They practice all year and travel to compete in qualifying contests. These championships allow the top callers to be rewarded for their dedication and talent."

    The Wild Turkey Bourbon/NWTF Grand National Owl Hooting and Gobbling Championships also took place during the convention.

    Reigning World Owl Hooting Champion Mark Prudhomme, of Georgetown, S.C., was crowned once again for mimicking the sounds of the barred owl. Because owls and turkeys are natural enemies, an owl sound is often used to make a wild turkey tom gobble.

    Doug Benefield of Newnan, Ga., also won his third consecutive Wild Turkey Bourbon/NWTF Grand National Gobbling Championship. During the competition, contestants mimicked the courtship sounds, or gobbles, of the male wild turkey.

    Grand National Calling Championships
    1st: Matthew Van Cise, Grand Valley, Pa. (473 points)
    2nd: Sadler McGraw, Camden, Ala. (469 points)
    3rd: Billy Yargus, Ewing, Mo. (467 points)
    4th: Walter Parrott, Smiths, Ala. (464 points)
    5th: Chris Parrish, Centralia, Mo. (462 points)

    Owl Hooting Championship
    1st: Mark Prudhomme, Georgetown, S.C. (228 points)
    2nd: Jeremy Palmer, Harrisburg, Pa. (220 points)
    3rd: Daymon Davis, Danville, Pa. (219 points)
    4th: Sadler McGraw, Camden, Ala. (217 points)
    5th: Carl Drake, Westfield, In. (216 points)

    Gobbling Championship
    1st: Doug Benefield, Newnan, Ga. (227 points)
    2nd: Lance Chapman, Morgantown, Ky. (223 points)
    3rd: Scott Wilhem, Eau Claire, Wis. (219 points)
    4th: Preston Pittman, Petal, Miss. (219 points)
    5th: Alex Vedrinski, Streetsboro, Ohio (214 points)

    Champion of Champions
    1st: Chris Parrish, Centralia, Mo. (1172 points)
    2nd: Walter Parrot, Smiths, Ala. (1163 points)
    3rd: Dick Kirby, Orchard Park, N.Y. (1153 points)

    Team Challenge
    1st: Doug Benefield and Daymon Davis (717 points)
    2nd: Mark Prudhomme and Kerry Terrell (705 points)
    3rd: Steve Cobb and Matt Morrett (692 points)
    4th: Sadler McGraw and Brett Berry (690 points)
    5th: Don Shipp and Larry Shockey (688 points)

    Spit, Drum and Gobbling Contest
    1st: Chris Walls, Morgantown, W.V.
    2nd: Alex Vendrinski, Streetsboro, Ohio
    3rd: Charlene Eckstein, Gerald, Mo.
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    :cheers::cheers: Sure wish I had some of their ability........

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    There's a pretty good chance that I'll be down there next year with a call in the call making competition. Had a couple buds go this year, but I have not talked with them yet.

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    Ain't that for sure! :pop::pop::pop:
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    Lefty, the only contest you really need to win is the one where you actually call in a real live Tom turkey. Can't shoot those judges legally.

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    See walter is in the thick of things again..
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    well shoot i was hopin chris would pull it out again.couldn't be a nicer guy.
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    They had 3 of the winners on Letterman last night....I think it was the top 3 finishers in the Senior division. #2 was fella from Ewing, MO.