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NRCS Forest Management Plan

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Thought I would start a new thread for this topic. I know several people here have worked with MDC and NRCS and would appreciate any input on your experience with the process and especially any suggestions.
So far I know it is slow with plenty of bureaucratic hoops to jump through.
Our property has been accepted into the NRCS EQIP program. As I understand the process, we will now have a Forest Management Plan prepared. There is a list of approved technical service providers that I need to choose from to create the actual plan, I pay for it and NRCS reimburses us. Then we actually start implementing the plan and there are cost shares for the various improvements outlined in the plan.
I have had a couple of MDC and NRCS people walk the place and they all said they imagine a harvest will be on the list and normally they want to do as much invasive species control as possible before the harvest. We have a little russian/autumn olive, some multiflora rose, some bush honeysuckle, but not terrible. And cedars o'plenty.
I'm sure it will be a fun and rewarding process.
If anybody has any input on Forest Management Plan providers please speak up or 2u2 me.
The list is:
Matthew Arndt with mattshealthywoods.com, Cameron, MO
Peter Carson with heritage forest, Columbia, MO
Tyler Cox, also with mattshealthywoods, Higbee MO
Douglas Enyart, Piedmont MO
John Fleming, Hermann MO
Michael Gaskins, Eminence MO
Heartland Forest Consulting, Ashland MO
Matthew Jones, Ironton MO
Lorren Leatherman, Plattsburg MO
Christopher Lohmann, Ashland MO
William Riggle, Dexter MO
Joseph Sheals, Columbia MO
Josh Shroyer, Riverton WY
Philip Sneed, Chillicothe MO
Josh Stevens, Columbia MO
Nina Wajrowski, Crystal Lake IL
Michael Young, Pocahontas AR
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Joe Sheals did my plan and it was excellent in terms of the document/presentation. He also did the work. He's pretty busy these days I think but is still available to do the plan if you have someone to do the boots on the ground stuff. I also met John Fleming and I can tell you he seemed like a standup guy.
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You will love the plan part of it. It's pretty cool to have a document that outlines everything you would like to know about the piece of dirt that you own.
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