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  1. Yes, I got my first turkey kill this last Thursday. Here's how it all went down. I left home at 4am Thurday headed to the farm to turkey hunt. I arrived at about 5:15 and quickly donned my gear and got on my golf cart and headed off to the woods. About 6am, the turkeys were gobbling everywhere. I picked out a close one and began my sneeky approach. After working him for a hour, he either moved or stopped gobbling because I didn't here him at all. I worked the woods for a while and gave up about 8:30 and headed back to the house for breakfast. I hung out talking turkey and watching some farming issues being taken care of. I was angry that I had left the woods and that the turkeys had quit gobbling so quick. We had one conversation about how a few turkeys hang out in one particular pasture everyday. We discussed how they use a line of trees as cover to cross between both sides of the fields.

    I set out to see if I could find one of the turkeys in that pasture. I found a nice spot with the woods to my left, pasture in front, and a line of cedars and a fence to my left. I burrowed down deep in the tall brush. I sat from about 10am until 11:30. I heard something rustling around in the leaves in the woods on my right. I froze up and damn near held my breath. Eventually, and hen came out and walked back into the woods. About 10 minutes later, she re-appeared and pecked at the ground and preened herself. I sat motionless for about 10 minutes as she slowly walked back to where she came. I was able to relax and move about to end the pain in my rump. I settled back down and heard some rustling in the woods again. I saw a flash of black in the brush. Moments later, 3 gobblers popped out of the woods, and seemed to be headed to the other side of the pasture. I looked at all three and decided that I would shoot the first one that presented itself in line with my gun barrel. The middle turkey popped his head up to look around and I fired at him. He fell down flapping. The first turkey ran off in a mad rush, and the third one jumped up in the tree above my head. I jumped up, pumped in another shell, and went over to end his life with my foot. I picked up my prize and headed back to the house, it was 12:30pm. Turns out he had a 12" beard and a 3/4" spurs. I was pretty proud of it. I forgot my digital camera, so I don't have any pictures yet.
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    Congrats on the bird!!!

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    awesome, way to go :cheers:
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    Alright then! Way to go... :wink4:
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    Yep....sometimes ya got to play the waiting game for Mr. Tom Turkey. It paid off for you. You can file this hunt away in you memory bank for sure. Good going Novicehunter. Congrats to you.
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    Way to go!!!:D And Congratulations!!:cheers::cheers::cheers:

    Man I'm havin' a hard time keepin' up with all these turkey killers.;)

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    Nutin wrong with a good ambush............:eek: