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Took the neighbor kid that couldn't go hardly during the youth. Fought the rain and won about 9:30. Lots of gobbling today. Had a encounter with this one and a buddy earlier but they would only turtleneck the woven wire mess of a fence rather than cross. Gave em 30 mins and circled down to where the fresh barbed wire was... came right on through

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Congratulations to the young hunter with a Great Bird!!!!
Congrats to the young man
And good on you for taking him
Nice job :cheers:
Excellent. Congrats to him .:cheers:
Good kid...MU Fan. :tup:
That's my cap
Then Two good kids! :tup::tup:
That's my cap
You kinda got a dinky head if little kids can wear your cap.
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Pays off to know the fences on a property!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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