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Nice Deer

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James Schulz, 11 year old grandson of James and Dorothy Bowers and nephew of Barb and Phil Campbell, Cape Girardeau, harvested the biggest buck he ever saw Sunday, November 14, 2009 in Brown county Ohio with his compound bow.

Turns out, it was a pretty big buck. The deer had 18 points. It is definitely a trophy for one lucky and skillful hunter.

"He just came out of nowhere!" exclaimed James. "I was in my tree stand when a doe walked by at 30 yards. I'll take a doe any day. She stopped at 100 yards to my right. She turned and looked to my left. I heard two crunches in the leaves. I very slowly turned my head. When I saw what was there, I could not believe my eyes! It was the biggest buck I have ever seen! My heart was pounding. He walked right up the doe's trail.

As he walked, I used my range finder. I ranged him at 27 yards, then 30, then 27. I had only practiced to 25 yards. When he hit 27 yards the second time, I decided to take the shot. I aimed one inch higher and shot. The arrow made a rustle in the leaves and I thought I had missed the biggest buck I ever saw."

James did not miss the buck. He made an almost perfect shot. The buck mule kicked, ran 10 yards and stopped. No tracking needed. Tracking is not unusual for a bow hunter.

"When we took him to the check station, people were waving and giving me the thumbs up. It has all been pretty exciting. I think this is a once in a lifetime event!"

This is James' second buck this season. He shot his first buck with a rifle at a youth hunting event in Kentucky in October. That buck too drew a lot of attention from locals in the area, but nothing like the biggest buck he ever saw. James plans to have the rack scored.

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