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My brother's brother-in-law is in Iraq Centcom and received word that the Govenor of Wyoming would be visiting, he knew he must meet with him. Here's the story:


Elk hunter gets assurance in Iraq

Associated Press writer


CHEYENNE -- Elk licenses are important to Wyoming residents, even if they're half a world away.

While on his weeklong trip to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Belgium, Gov. Dave Freudenthal said he was approached by a concerned Wyoming soldier in Baghdad.

The soldier said he had rearranged his schedule because he heard his state's governor was visiting and had an important question to ask.

"I thought we were going to have some big, mega-international discussion," Freudenthal said. "But it was about what is really important."

The soldier wanted to know how his military deployment would affect his status for applying for an elk license. He wanted to still be able to claim resident status.

"It's just refreshing to see the things that we value in Wyoming are the things people value when they're away from Wyoming," Freudenthal said.

Military deployment would not affect the soldier's residence status for obtaining an elk license, he said.

The governor shared that story and others from his trip overseas with reporters Wednesday.

Freudenthal said several Wyoming soldiers gave him phone numbers of friends and family to call. He's in the process of completing those calls, he said.

Wyoming has troops in Iraq in the 1041st Engineer Company; 4th Infantry Division Rear Operations Center; 115th Field Artillery Brigade; 1022nd Medical Company; 2-300th Field Artillery and Wyoming Air National Guard, according to Wyoming Guard officials.

Wyoming has 272 of its Army and Air National Guard members deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and Antarctica. Along with the 20 Wyoming Guard members in Iraq, another 154 members of the 2-300th are in Fort Lewis, Wash., in preparation for deployment to Iraq

Freudenthal said he talked to several Wyoming-connected troops during the trip.

"As it is in Wyoming, you either knew their folks or knew somebody who knew their folks," he said. "It was your basic Wyoming conversation, it was just half a world away.

:cheers: It's the little things that keep the soldiers going over there. I noticed that MO has just passed a law retaining the status for MO National Guard troops also.
All armed forces should get residency priviledges in EVERY state, if you as me.

While we're having the good days, their days aren't so good.:sniper:

Git 'em Home.

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he lives in a great elk state.they ought to give him a tag just being over there.

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Originally posted by coyotehunter
he lives in a great elk state.they ought to give him a tag just being over there.
Got that right!
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