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News of the Conservation Commission meeting May 19, 2006
Contact: Jim Low, 573/522-4115; extension 3243, [email protected].
The Conservation Commission met May 19 at Conservation Department Headquarters, 2901 W. Truman Blvd., Jefferson City. Commissioners present were:
Lowell Mohler, Jefferson City, Chairman
Stephen C. Bradford, Cape Girardeau, Vice-chairman
Cynthia Metcalfe, St. Louis, Secretary
William F. "Chip" McGeehan, Marshfield, Member

The next meeting of the Conservation Commission was set for June 22 and 23 in Springfield.

Commission meetings are open to the public. Those wishing to be placed on the agenda for a presentation or other business must send a written request to Director, Department of Conservation, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180, or FAX 573/751-4467, at least 10 working days before the meeting date. The deadline for the next meeting is June 8.

The Commission received presentations from:
* Ducks Unlimited (DU) Director of Public Policy Ross Melinchuk and Director of DU's Southern Regional Office Ken Bab**** regarding cooperation of DU and the Conservation Commission on waterfowl and wetland conservation in Missouri and Prairie Canada.
* Wildlife Division Chief Dave Erickson about conserving state-priority species on their wintering grounds.
* Assistant Director Denise Garnier, Outreach Supervisor Kirk Keller and Missouri Conservationist Magazine Editor In Chief Ara Clark about redesigning the Conservation Department's magazine and web site to reflect concepts in the agency's strategic plan, "The Next Generation of Conservation."

The Commission approved 2006 fall deer and turkey hunting seasons and regulations, including:

Firearms Deer Season
* Urban Portion - Oct. 6 through 9 in selected counties (same as 2005)
* Youth Portion - Oct. 28 through 29
* November Portion - Nov. 11 through 21
* Muzzleloader Portion - Nov. 24 through Dec. 3
* Antlerless Portion - Dec. 9 through 17
Limit one deer of either sex statewide on an any-deer permit. Additional deer may be taken on firearms antlerless permits in selected counties.

Archery Deer Season
* Sept. 15 through Nov. 10
* Nov. 22 through Jan. 15
Limit two deer of either sex, except that only one antlered deer may be taken before the November portion of firearms deer season. Additional deer may be taken on archery antlerless permits in selected counties.

Archery Turkey Season
* Sept. 15 through Nov. 10
* Nov. 22 through Jan. 15
Limit two turkeys of either sex.

The Conservation Commission also voted to:
* Remove Wright County from the list of counties open to hunting during the antlerless portion of firearms deer season
* Continue for a third year the trial of the four-point antler restriction in the same counties during the archery season and all portions of the firearms season except the youth portion.
* Issue landowners of 75 acres or more the same number of no-cost archery antlerless and firearms antlerless permits, up to a maximum of two each, as regular permittees can obtain for the county in which their property is located.
* Continue to allow landowners to purchase and use any-deer and archery and firearms anlterless permits in addition to their landowner permits.
* Modify deer hunting regulations on a few conservation areas where new rules went into effect last year.
* Not allow the use of dogs to hunt deer.

Details of these and other deer hunting regulations will be outlined in the 2006 fall deer and turkey hunting regulation booklet, which will be available from permit vendors in July.

The Commission also established provisions for closing designated units of the Smithville Lake Waterfowl Refuge to boating, fishing, hunting and trapping from Oct. 15 through Jan. 31.

The Commission:
* Approved the Fiscal Year 2007 Internal Budget Request
* Approved renaming the Conservation Department's property near Winona in Shannon County the Twin Pines Conservation Education Center.
* Approved Master Conservationist nominations for Dr. Harry and Lina Berrier and Hilda Pat Jones.
* Suspended hunting and/or fishing privileges of 15 Missouri residents and two nonresidents for Wildlife Code violations. Those whose privileges were suspended are:
Joseph L. Berube, Calhoun, 3 years, all privileges
Keith R. Blumer, Montgomery City, 1 year, all privileges
Willis D. Breshears Preston, 1 year, all privileges
Thomas M. Castl, Malta, 2 years, all privileges
Bobby J. Dillon, Pilot Grove, until 3/27/07, all privileges
Dennis J. Greener, Green Ridge , 1 year, all privileges
Judson B. Hall, Kennett, 5.5 years, all privileges
Jeremy D. Jarvis, Mineral Point, 1 year, all privileges
Gregory L. Kerr, Springfield, 1 year, all privileges
Bryan C. Komers, Noble, Okla., 2 years, all privileges
Douglas T. Konopasek, Braymer, 1 year, all privileges
Nonnie Lofton, Neosho, 1 year, all privileges
Anthony E. Lovett, Marceline, 3 years, all privileges
Gordon L. Meritt, Crane, 1 year, all privileges
Terry W. Norman, Grandin, 1 year, all privileges
Thomas A. Smith, Stella, 2 years, all privileges
Anna R. Whittam, Broomfield, Colo., 1 year, all privileges
* Approved the suspension of hunting and fishing privileges of one Missouri resident and 56 nonresidents under the provisions of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.
* Approved the suspension or revocation of all hunting and fishing privileges of 81 Missouri residents who are not in compliance with applicable child support laws.
* Suspended all hunting privileges of four Missouri residents who injured other persons in firearms-related hunting incidents.

To check hunting and fishing seasons listed on the Outdoor Calendar, visit http://mdc.mo.gov/seasons
You are subscribed to the electronic news service of the Missouri Department of Conservation. To unsubscribe or subscribe, or if you know someone who would like to receive All Outdoors, please visit http://www.mdc.mo.gov/news/.

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Good info, TomG....I know one of those guys on that list...bout time he got caught....problem is, doubt if it stops him from poachin...glad he's not my neighbor!!!!
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