New Direction for MWT?

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by BustinBucks, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. rat

    rat Legbone

    Dec 13, 2005
    You are assuming it was great at one time there. :D
  2. 20'

    20' Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2017
    all we ever used to hear about was the good ol days.....dang, you are right rat, good isn't great, think I've said that before! this place is fine and getting a pulse back.

  3. rat

    rat Legbone

    Dec 13, 2005
    Should be MMWTGFTFTE
  4. jawesome357

    jawesome357 The Instigator

    Oct 31, 2013
    The only OC

    It was getting a pulse back until the admin started locking and deleting threads again.
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  5. 20'

    20' Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2017
    give me the keys and I will delete the delete & lock buttons!
  6. BustinBucks

    BustinBucks Shotgun Instructor

    Jul 31, 2006
    Eagleville, MO
    You would probably disable the spellcheck as well, buddy.
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  7. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    Rumor has it Bob has been clandestinely trying out one of those new Ravin cross guns and might be missing a digit or 9.......,,,.,
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  8. DonJuan

    DonJuan Well-Known Member

    Jan 30, 2012
    S.E. Mo.
    Man they look impressive, I hope he gives us an honest review on them.
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  9. 20'

    20' Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2017
    Looking to get reviews on the triax
  10. bobski

    bobski Shotgun Instructor Sponsor

    being im on a few websites, I can see a trend. and that is, gun forums/gun related websites are all being taken over by one corp. instead of keeping 5 or 6 different types of websites, they are streamlining them into one type. austins old site was exactly the same as ftf website. but he left, and the new corp changed ftf, mwt, and a few others to be all the same software.
    I/e: this is the same software used on g&g. we are getting the same admins caring for all the sites too.
    its pretty hard not to recognize a young man wearing an APH6D pilot helmet sitting in a cockpit. (hi jerry)

    seems a lot of them are coming out of Canada. I can list numerous websites that converted over to this format...and lo and behold, all the same admins.
    only drawback i see is its not fun surfing the net, only to find the same people waiting for you wherever you go.
    its sorta like driving on an interstate and all the exits look like the last one you stopped at.
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  11. OutbackBio

    OutbackBio Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2009
    Kansas City
  12. OutbackBio

    OutbackBio Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2009
    Kansas City
    Interesting. Wonder who filled out an application for me?
  13. Mailman

    Mailman Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    Blue Springs Mo
    Probably your wife....trying to get you a full time job.
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  14. jawesome357

    jawesome357 The Instigator

    Oct 31, 2013
    The only OC
    Admins are still locking the good threads and people are reporting stuff again. Man I miss the good Ol Days, and by that I mean back in October when we were able to be grownups. Congrats @MWAdmin
  15. MWAdmin

    MWAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Oct 11, 2013
    Something to think about
  16. jawesome357

    jawesome357 The Instigator

    Oct 31, 2013
    The only OC
    The majority of us are changing the world in one way or another. We also realized that we didn't need someone to babysit us on a dagum hunting forum. It took this forum almost dying for the last Admin to realize that, and once he did it flourished again.

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    Just something for you to think about.
  17. henry

    henry Fan Boy aka Mr Twisty and

    I think you will find deer hunting forums flourish during the height of deer season and don't after.
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  18. Rack_Hunter

    Rack_Hunter Sensitivity Aficionado

    I think we still have a bunch of forum nazis here that don’t even have the cajones to make themselves known.
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  19. bluecan

    bluecan Long time listener, first time caller

    I'm going to report this for going around the word filter, but I'll say that it is impressive how far you went to go around it. South of the border...:tup: FYI, you might start seeing Spanish advertisements I typed a spanish word in here a couple of times and my ads changed for a couple of days...:banging:
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  20. Rack_Hunter

    Rack_Hunter Sensitivity Aficionado

    No problemo amigo. Mi espanol es muy bueno!!