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New caliber

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Okay I am buying a new rifle to be used for deer hunting in a caliber that I don't have yet. The rifle will be used by Me, my wife, & my 12 yr old son & I want input from you guys on what I should get. I will not be reloading so ammo cost is a consideration as well as recoil. Feel free to post any reasoning behind your choice.
I currenyly own =
.22 hornet
.220 swift
Nagant 7.62X54R
7mm mag

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Any of the first three choices are plenty good enough. I'm not a magnum rifle fan by any means, the ammo costs are considerably higher than "normal" stuff, and that is a factor for you. The WSMs won't die out, but the ammo costs more, kicks more, and doesn't kill any deader than the others.

Since you've got a youngster, I'd pick the .260, just for his sake. It doesn't kick much harder than the .243, but kills a lot better. I think, as time goes by, it will become a lot more popular than it currently is.

The .280 is a good choice, but ammo selection is poor enough. It's been around for a long time, and ammo selection has never been very good.
They don't reload, SOM, so the Roberts, while excellent in every way except good factory ammo, wouldn't be a good choice because of that reason.

If they reloaded, I'd agree completely with your suggestion.:eek::
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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