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New caliber

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Okay I am buying a new rifle to be used for deer hunting in a caliber that I don't have yet. The rifle will be used by Me, my wife, & my 12 yr old son & I want input from you guys on what I should get. I will not be reloading so ammo cost is a consideration as well as recoil. Feel free to post any reasoning behind your choice.
I currenyly own =
.22 hornet
.220 swift
Nagant 7.62X54R
7mm mag

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My first rifle was a 308 that I bought when I was 14 and I handled the recoil just fine. At that time I wasn't a very big kid either so I imagine your wife and son could handle it also. The 7-08 and 260 have always intrigued me but I have no expierence with either. Any of those 3 would be my choice. I like the 280 also but it really is just a 270 (which you already have) shooting a .284" bullet.

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